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Thank you for viewing our Taser page and looking at the Taser FAQs. Be sure to check around our page for the best in Tasers and other areas of our store to see how we can make your life safer. 


Do Tasers really work?

Yes. A person depends upon the interaction between their nervous system and their muscles for coordination. The advanced technology that a Taser uses temporary breaks this coordination through an electro-muscular disruption (EMD). This forces the attacker to the ground, normally in a fetal position and unable to move. The size of the attacker does not matter.

Do I have to be close to the person when I use a Taser?

Taser probes shoot out to about 15 feet using compressed gas in the Taser. Contact with either the clothing or skin of the attacker is acceptable. The probes are barbed to ensure that they cannot be immediately ripped off. When the person falls down it allows time for you to run away or seek help from others. Always take the Taser with you. It is not advised to move closer to the person after he has been tased. -

Can a Taser permanently hurt someone?

The brief disruption to the body systems is not enough to do permanent damage. Other organs of the body are not affected. Even such devices as a Pacemaker are unaffected by a Taser. However, a tased person can always hurt himself while falling down. -

Won’t the Taser’s high voltage kill someone? 

There’s an old saying among electricians that it is the amps that are dangerous, not the voltage. One can take a shot of extremely high voltage from static electricity, for example, and other than surprise and mild discomfort you are okay. A 120-volt home electrical can quickly kill because it has high amperage and delivers it continuously. A Taser has high voltage/low amp which is delivered quickly and briefly. This keeps it safe for use, even if you and your attacker are standing in water.

Are there any Taser after effects?

At the worst a Taser may knock someone unconscious. Most symptoms disappear after about ten minutes. What if my Taser probes miss? The backup default for a Taser is to touch the contacts on the Taser itself to the attacker. This is very similar how a stun gun is used. This also allows it to be used against multiple attackers.

How far away should I be when I shoot my Taser? 

Three to five feet is considered the optimum range. This allows the probes time enough to spread out to at least six inches for maximum effectiveness. It will still work at a shorter distance but perhaps not as well.

Can I keep my Taser in a hot or cold car?

Generally, yes. If it drops below 20 degrees below zero you might have a problem. Other than that the temperature of a car should not bother the Taser. Tasers are made from plastic and should not be left long in direct sunlight. Are Tasers legal? They are legal in 45 states. Some states restrict the carry of Tasers in public, and the age of the owner. Our store will work with you to ensure it is legal in your state before you purchase one.

If you have any questions about our Taser FAQs be sure to leave a message at rick@myhightechsecurity.com


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