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Steel Batons

A club is probably our oldest weapon, carried by our ancestors hundred of thousands of years ago and even carried today. Our steel batons down the page are the technoloogically advnaced club that fits modern lifestyles yet provides ample self-defense capability. As you look through our Steel Baton FAQs you can see just how one benefits you. 

What is a steel baton?

Expandable, collapsible, telescoping, and retractable are all descriptions applied to modern day steel batons. The batons come in three sections, which when retracted, form a small, tidy package that can easily be carried in a pocket, on a hip in a holster, or even in a purse.  The handle is rubber to allow a firm, steady grip.

How long is an expandable steel baton?

When they are expanded the sections create a sturdy striking baton, or tool, that can be from 16 to 26 inches long. We carry the 16, 21, and 26-inch size batons.

Why carry a telescopic steel baton?

A steel baton is considered a non-lethal self-defense tool. As a striking tool it does not cut or penetrate the skin as a knife would. A solid hit on a sensitive area with a steel baton can cause a great deal of pain to an attacker, which allows the victim time to seek safety or shelter.

How does a telescoping baton open?

The sections slide open with a flick of the wrist. It takes a small bit of practice to learn the optimum way of moving the wrist to get the baton fully open in the quickest manner. The steel baton then closes by pushing the tip against a hard surface such as a wall or table top.

What does a collapsible steel baton look like?

When closed up it is merely a small tube about 4 to 6 inches made from rubber. The two other parts are folded up inside the handle. Once it is expanded it is a black rod tapering towards the far end. The end had a steel button or cap on the end. This button gives added weight and force to strikes against the body.

Are steel batons really good for self-defense?

Yes. The surprise of seeing a steel club appear from nowhere in a would-be victim’s hand has a deterrent effect. A steel baton swung with moderate force and speed can easily break an arm or wrist, and can even cause major, permanent damage to a skull or jaw.

Do I need training on how to use one?

Training is good. It gives the confidence that you are going to be effective when the times comes. You don’t need years, or even months, of training though. Learn the best way to hold and swing the baton and the sensitive striking points and you are good to go.  

What else can an extension steel baton be used for?

We have several options including an attachable flashlight and a “glass breaker” in case you are trapped in a car. With the glass breaker already attached you can swing it at the window and escape the situation.

Is a collapsible steel baton legal to carry?

That depends upon your state and local laws. Always check with your local or state police to find the correct answer. In most states and localities they are perfectly fine.

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