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Personal Alarms

I hope you can learn something from the Personal Alarm FAQ. Scroll down to our store and I am sure you’ll find a personal alarm to give you the right protection.

What is a personal alarm?

It is a small, handheld device that sounds a very loud noise when a button is pushed or a slide moved. Sometimes they have hooks that allow them to attach to a keychain, purse, or clothing. The noise only shuts off with the proper code or pin is put into the alarm. It is a non-lethal self-defense tool.

What is the purpose of a personal alarm?

It gives a measure of protection to those who are alone and at danger of being accosted by someone who desires their harm. The idea behind the alarm is that the loud noise will both drive away the attacker who prefers not to be noticed by others, and attract the attention of others around the area.

Are all personal alarms the same?

There are many different types of alarms to meet any need. Some are meant to be used when walking or jogging, while others can do double-duty as a door alarm for a room. These are small enough to toss into a travel bag to give protection when you are traveling and staying in motel/hotel.

How are they powered?

Many are powered by small batteries such as found in watches. A few use compressed air to blow similar to an air horn that you see at sporting events. These are quite ear-piercing, but they only last as long as the compressed air does.

Do they really work against attackers?

Very few non-lethal self-defense tools work against a determined attacker who is bound in his heart to do evil to another. However, for the most part they are quite good at disrupting the plans and intentions of those who prefer to operate without attention. When they expect a “helpless little lambsie” and in return they get the Mace® Screecher Alarm ripping at their ears it can be quite a shock to their expectations. The noise of the alarm itself is disrupting to the inner ear, and when caught by surprise it can even knock someone down.

The noise is heard over several blocks in a quiet neighborhood, and will be noticed by anyone who is in the area. Fortunately, we still live in a country where it is expected to go so someone’s aid when trouble happens.

Many people use a “layered” self-defense method of starting with an alarm if necessary and then stepping up to triggering pepper spray at the assailant.

Do personal alarms require any maintenance?

Other than testing every now and then and keeping the batteries fresh, no.

Who should carry a personal alarm?

Certainly anyone who is out by themselves on a regular basis. It is a great gift for an older or elderly person who has limited mobility as they can use it to draw attention if there is a problem such as a slip and fall. Personal alarms are also ideal for children. Having an alarm available during tornado season is virtually mandatory, for if you should wind up under debris from the storm it can alert searches to your location even if you are too weak to call for help.

How loud are personal alarms?

Most top out at about 130-135 decibels. That is sufficient to cause temporary disorientation to anyone standing within a few feet.

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