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Key Chain

Key chain pepper FAQs to help you make the best choice

How strong is key chain pepper spray?

 It’s strong enough to work. Even the weakest spray is better than nothing when you need it right now. Our store makes is easy to pick a strong pepper spray.

 How long does pepper spray effects last?

That depends upon how direct the pepper spray was to the eyes. For a direct shot it can take a couple of hours to completely wear off. A shot to the chest where the eyes only come into brief contact with the spray can linger for only a few minutes. Again, don’t stick around to see what happens. For even the best placed shot a 20-minute window is all you should count on for disabling someone.

 Does pepper spray have any permanent effects?

Under normal conditions, no. However, if someone has other health problems such as a heart condition it could put enough strain on his body to cause problems.

 Is pepper spray legal?

 In most states, yes, pepper spray is legal. Some have limitations on the size of the canister, the age of the person, and where you can carry it. For example, you cannot have a key chain pepper spray in Wisconsin. We follow all applicable state laws concerning legal pepper spray in our sales.

 Where should I store and carry pepper spray?

 Keep pepper spray at room temperature. Do not leave or store pepper spray in a hot car over the summer. If you have to do so then replace it every 30 days or so. Obviously, keep it away from children.

 Pepper spray buried in a purse is little help when you need it know. There are some canisters that fit on a key ring and can be carried while walking without notice. A jacket pocket conceals pepper spray but is easily accessible. Purse carry is acceptable but it is best to have it in a holster that is clipped to the inside of the purse so it is always in the same spot. The key is to practice drawing it and spraying quickly. If you build your muscle memory to always go the same spot each time it will eventually become second nature.

 Can I carry pepper spray while traveling?

 Not on an airplane but as of this moment you can carry pepper spray in your checked luggage. Be sure to check with your airlines in case the laws change. Be careful traveling through other states by car since some states might bite you with an illegal carry charge if you get caught with it. This is particulary important with key chain pepper spray as it is easily forgotten. 

 I sprayed myself – now what do I do?

 First, know that if you do nothing it will eventually wear off so don’t panic. Resist the temptation to rub your eyes or skin. This will make it worse. Remove the contaminated clothing as soon as possible. If modesty prohibits this, then try to remove as much as you can. Use a non-oily soap and water to wash away the spray from your skin. Using oil on an affected area is counter-productive since it traps the OC under it and next to the skin. Use water to flush your eyes. This may take several, sustained minutes before it will have a positive effect. 

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