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Mace Defensive Sprays

If you are new to personal self defense products our Mace Spray FAQs will help you pick out the right product for you. Be sure to shop our product line down below.  

Is Mace illegal?

 First, to clear up an important point, what is sold as Mace today is not the same as what was sold 15 years ago and earlier. That was a chemical compound that was similar to tear gas and affected a person’s ability to see and breath. Because of many health problems associated with it is was pulled off the market and replaced with a different, legal compound.

 What is Mace made of today?

Today, Mace is very similar to pepper spray, and is sold under its traditional brand name. Some versions of it sold under other names also have other chemical irritants mixed in with the pepper spray.

Was traditional Mace any good?

Yes and no. It was effective but only to a point. Many people who had gone through military training were taught how to be effective fighters even when tear gassed. It also did not work well with those who were drunk or high on drugs. Since drunks and violent drug users were a large reason for using Mace it quickly acquired a poor reputation.

Is pepper spray better than Mace?

It certainly is a lot better at incapacitating people than the traditional Mace that is no longer available. Even drunks and those on drugs are quickly taken down as the major chemical in pepper spray come near the eyes. For more information on pepper spray and how it works we have a Pepper Spray FAQ for our shoppers.

Does Mace work with animals?

Yes, it is very effective in keeping attacking animals at bay. We have larger sized cans for times when you are going into greater danger such as bear country.

What types of canisters does Mace come in?

We have a range from dispensers that mimic lipstick tubes to larger ones that are very similar in size and shape to a traditional firearm.

How does Mace come out of a canister?

It can either be in foam, gel, or spray.

Can I actually hit someone with Mace?

Practice makes better and we provide a full set of practice tools for you. Like any other skill, the more you practice the correct methods the better you’ll be in the long run.

What is Mace with UV Dye?

UV Dye is a special chemical that only shows up under an UV light – or what is called a “black light.” It is added to Mace so that when someone is sprayed they can easily be identified by the police. In the chaos of an attack the victim may not always be able to identify to the police the person who has attacked. This allows a clear, positive identification of that person.

 Is Mace legal in my state?

 Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, but many have some restrictions such as age, the strength of the spray allowed, and whether or not it can have UV Dye in it. We follow all state laws in who and what we sell to with pepper spray and Mace.


I hope this Mace Spray FAQs gave you the information you need. Please drop me a line at rick@myhightechsecurity.com if you need more info. Thank you. 


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