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Home Protection

Thank you for coming to our High Tech Security Store. Our Home Protection FAQs will answer your important question. After reading I encourage you to scroll down and take advantage of our many great offers.

Your home is more than just your castle… it is the place where you make memories, raise a family, and enjoy life. Whether you live in a single family detached house, a condo, an apartment – or even a dorm room – you have the right to be safe and secure in your well-being and possessions.

Criminals generally don’t like either noise or lights. When they are surprised with either they want to turn away and seek other, easier prey.

Do small door alarms work?

There are many ways to secure a home with an small door alarm. They don’t have to be elaborate and expensive, either. A small door alarm is inexpensive and alerts you and the neighbors when someone is trying to break in. Many of them are small enough to travel with you when you are away on business and staying in a hotel. We also have small window alarms to protect against intrusion that way. The only maintenance that you have to do is to check the home alarm battery occasionally.

Is a bigger alarm system better?

A complete wireless alarm system for your home or office will even call you on your phone when it is activated. There is no need to have an expensive, monthly bill for a monitoring system with operators 2,000 miles away. They normally take only minutes to set up and require no special expertise or equipment. You can cover doors and windows, and purchase extra options for more coverage.

What about outdoor security lights?

Motion-detector lights are a quick and easy way to ensure that no one hangs around the outside without being lit up and noticed.

What other miscellaneous stuff is good?

If you have to secure a specific item such as a trunk or lockbox we also have alarmed padlocks.

 What home security steps should I also take?

The best home protection is weakened if you provide an attractive opportunity for a criminal. Take these few steps and they will be moving on to someone else’s home for their “visit.”

  • Keep your mailbox and your newspapers picked up daily. Enlist the services of a neighbor or friend if you are going to be gone for more than a day.
  • Be cautious as to whom you tell you are going away. Certainly don’t broadcast it on social media.
  • Keep your landscaping trimmed so that no one can hide behind a hedge while working on breaking into a window… or to surprise-attack you as you are coming or going.
  • Pick up expensive items and don’t leave them in the yard. Do not set out an empty box with your trash advertising that you just bought the latest, golly-gee-whiz electronic appliance.



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