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Hidden Cameras

I trust that our Hidden cameras with DVR FAQs will help you find the best camera below this for your needs.

 What is a Hidden Camera with a DVR

Ultra-small, hidden cameras with a built in Digital Video Camera (DVR) are proving a boon to those who need to keep a record of what is happening around them. Once reserved for high-tech spying between countries, these motion-activated, hidden cameras are now cheap enough for almost everyone to afford.

They are quite often used for businesses and business people to protect themselves against others who would lie about the transpired events for their own nefarious means. Many parents use one for a nanny-cam to double check on their children’s caretaker.

Most hidden cams will also record audio along with the video.

The #1 most important rule of having a tiny, hidden camera is that the key word is “hidden.” If you tell people about it, it quickly loses its value. It is similar to keeping your valuables in a safe for which you have given other people the combination.

How to Use a Stationary Hidden Cam

Some cams are meant to be placed in one spot and left there. Clocks, wall-hangers, and radios all fit this category. The major concern is placement so that the field of view is what you want to actually see. A camera angled at the wrong position will miss all the action.  The only way to check the field of view for accurate positioning is to record a sample video with the camera tentatively placed in a spot, and view it to see if it is what you want to record. If you are satisfied, then keep the camera in that location.

The other concern with stationary cameras is the audio quality. These cameras use an omni-directional mike which means they will pick up sound from anywhere in the room. If it is close to a noise-maker, such as an aquarium tank oxygenator, it may drown out the audio you want recorded. A loud radio or other source of background noise will also give you poor overall audio quality.

 How to Use a Mobile Hidden Cam

These cameras are built into many common objects that people carry on them every day. Because of unsure placement when you need to record something it is important to angle the object in the general direction of what you want to record. You may not hit it 100% but you should come close.

If you are going to record the actions or conversation of another person then start the camera recording before they are present. This ensures that it is working properly, and avoids any questions on their part about what you are doing.

It is Legal to Use a Hidden Camera to Record Another Person?

That is a function of your state law. Some states totally forbid video recording another person without their permission, while others states allow it. Often the video recording is allowable but the audio recording is not. Always check your state law to ensure you know the risks.  

One important note -- if you ask a person’s permission before recording them, be sure to get their permission on the video recording as proof. This is a little Catch-22 as you have to get their permission to record before you actually record, but you want their permission on the recording.

How Can I View the Recording?

Virtually all the hidden cameras with DVRs have a direct connection that you plug into a computer to view files.

Can I View the Recording in Another Room or over the Internet?

A wireless, or wi-fi” camera is also available at our store.






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