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  • Neighbors complain of vicious dogs after deadly attack

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com)- A neighborhood is on edge after Memphis police say a man was mauled to death by a pack of dogs early Thursday.

    The man was found in southwest Memphis.

    Memphis police identified the victim as Mario Moore who was lying on the ground with deep cuts on his body.

    Witnesses told police seven to eight aggressive dogs attacked the victim. he later died at this hospital.

    Memphis Animal Services were called and picked up five of the dogs.

    This is not the first time a dog attack has happened in the community.

    Nikita Fullilove described how four large dogs bit her on Wednesday.

    “I got bit all right here and I got bruises right here,” she shared. “I had to fall in order for them to get up off me.”

    “I made it alive though,” said Fullilove. “Then I heard what happened to him, I was like, ugh. Sad.”

    Fullilove’s family pointed out the dog which has harmed them in the past and usually roams at night.

    They say it’s owned by a woman who lives across the street from them.

    “The owner, she know her dogs attack people,” said Fullilove.

    Meanwhile, residents are remaining on guard against vicious dogs.

    “We always have to hit the freaking dogs in order for the freaking dogs to leave us alone,” said Fullilove. “Some come up and down the streets. Everywhere, they’re everywhere.”

    [If you know vicious dogs live in your neighbor and you can't/don't carry a handgun for protection then it is a must for you to carry pepper spray made especially for self defense against dogs. It's far better to have it and never need it than to desperately need it and not have it. We have this and many other non-lethal self defense supplies at our web-store.]

  • John Brown University's "A Mighty Fortress is Our God"

    It's good to take steps to protect our physical security and well-being, but of even greater importance is protecting our spiritual security and well-being. Here's the John Brown University Cathedral Choir singing about the ultimate self-defense tool that we have available to all of us.

  • How to pronounce the Canik handgun name

    When a handgun is necessary it's good to have a good handgun. Here's one that I highly recommend.

  • Two Minute Review of the Safety Tech Golden Stun Gun

  • Surviving Wild Animal Attacks

    In the warm and fuzzy world of some folks, wild animals all have big moist brown eyes, cute noses, and a cuddly personality. But that doesn’t exactly square with reality. Take, for example, the incident involving Mark Reynolds, a 35-year-old guy who went out for a mountain bike ride in California in January 2004, and was later found dead and partly eaten by a cougar (mountain lion). Nothing warm and fuzzy about it.

    Of course, the warm and fuzzy crowd will claim that was an anomaly. Well, try telling that to the family of the 41-year-old Arkansas woman who was killed in her own front yard by a cougar in May 2003. Or the incident in Colorado in 1999 when a 3-year-old boy went missing and was later found to have been dragged away and killed by a cougar.

    I could go on and on. The list is really pretty long. And that’s just cougars. What about bears, or moose, or bison, or coyotes, or …? Let’s pause momentarily for a dose of wildlife reality. There are lots of wild animals that will attack a human, sometimes with fatal results. It does no good to play the denial game. The only good thing we can do is learn the truth and then figure out what to do if we are ever in a violent confrontation with a wild animal.

    [Great advice at How to Survive Wild Animal Attacks by Outdoor Life. The whole article is long but well-worth it if you venture outdoors in less urban areas. Be sure to shop our webstore for protection against wild animals.]

  • Woman fights off attempted kidnapper using pepper spray

    GARDEN GROVE, Calif. (FOX 11) - A woman in Garden Grove told police that she was able to fight off her alleged attempted kidnapper by using pepper spray that she kept in her purse.

    The 21-year-old woman reported that around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, she was walking in the area of Bixby Avenue and Brookhurst Street when she noticed a minivan driving slowly behind her. She told authorities that she felt the vehicle was following her and that a man exited the vehicle and began walking behind her. Feeling uneasy by the situation, the woman preemptively grabbed a hold of the pepper spray she kept in her purse.

    [Trust your instincts. If something seems wrong, it probably is. Prepare yourself at that point.]

    A short time later, the man allegedly grabbed the woman by her arms, pulling her towards the van. Garden Grove Police said that another suspect had the rear door of the van open, ready to pull her into the vehicle. The woman was able to use her pepper spray on the initial suspect, who released her and fled in the van.

    [Imagine the horror this brave, young woman would have faced if she had not been ready. These sort of things never happen when the police are nearby for obvious reasons.]

    Garden Grove Police believe that the three suspects, including the driver, fled eastbound on Bixby Avenue towards Brookhurst Street in the silver or light green colored van.

    [All of our pepper spray in our webstore has bright, colored florescent marking dye so that those who seek to do harm can be identified.]

  • Grieving Mom Shocked After Mauling Death of 'Good Man'

    [This is why you carry pepper spray or other means of defense against dogs.]

    Melvin Olds, Jr., 45, took a shortcut home through the woods, where he encountered the dogs

    The grieving mother of the Florida man mauled to death by dogs while taking a shortcut home described him as a “good man” in an interview while expressing her shock.

    “I thought a dog was a man’s best friend,” said Cynthia Hill, the mother of 45-year-old Melvin Olds Jr., whose body was found Thursday with more than 100 bite wounds, reports WFLA.

    “He was a good person, a good man. Just so hurt, deeply because it’s so unexpected,” Hill added.

    Olds, a father of five who was also a grandfather, walked through a wooded area when he was attacked by the pack of dogs, the Highland County Sheriff’s Office said in a release.

    A Friday autopsy determined the preliminary cause of death was from injuries suffered during an animal attack. More than 100 bites were found on his body.

    Six dogs have been captured in the area whose bites match the wounds on Olds’ body, the Sheriff’s Office says.

    “I want to encourage residents of Highway Park and the surrounding area to be on the lookout for any loose dogs, especially those that seem aggressive,” Sheriff Paul Blackman said in the release. “We don’t want anyone else to be injured.”

    [For a complete line of non-lethal self defense supplies please click on over to our web-store]

  • Campus Safety? It's Up to You

    College can be a great time of learning about yourself, and the greater world around you. Making a mistake on an exam can cost you grade points, but making a mistake about your personal safety can lead to real harm.

    One college paper tried to give advice on the subject, and was a mixture of good points, bad points, and horrible points. Let’s take a closer look at their comments (in italics.)

    Due to this open campus, SMU has measures in place to keep students safe, especially at night.

    “I like the blue lights they make you feel more safe,” Sarah Stone, SMU Junior says.

    “What that is is that if you push one of those blue light phones that will come directly to us, our police department or our dispatch,” Winn explains.

    Yeah. Like your attacker is going to give you time to get to a “blue light” and press it. Sure. Or, perhaps they will seek to do you harm away from the blue light. After all, do most people attack others in the vicinity of a police officer?

    When walking alone, paying attention is essential to stay safe. Many students, especially females, walk with their keys in their hands.

    Punching someone with keys in your hand will give you broken fingers and not do a thing to stop an attacker. There are many more effective tools such as pepper spray or stun guns to protect yourself with. And many of them are now being disguised so that no one will be able to say, “Oh look, Susie has a stun gun.” Check our web-store and see many ways to protect yourself.

    Yet somehow they forget all their safety measures when they arrive at home. Once in their apartments, houses or dorms, some students don’t even lock their doors. “One thing, is that you need to lock your areas, lock your doors…” Winn warns.

    And the second thing you do is to put an alarm on it. Having an alarm on an apartment or dorm door is easy peasy with today’s tech. No muss, no fuss, and you can put it on the main door, or even just your bedroom door if you want.

    SMU has measures likes its blue lights, TapRide and cameras, but students need to do their part to protect themselves and their property, so lock your doors and stay aware.

    Do your part by looking around our web-store and seeing what works best for you.

  • Pepper spray saves woman from would-be intruder

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — It may seem harmless to leave a window open on a cool summer night, but you may invite criminals inside.

    "I felt like it was my life or his," Ginger McQueen said after an intruder who attempted to get into her home. "I didn’t know what he was going to do to me."

    McQueen had to pepper spray a potential intruder at 3 a.m in mid-June.

    Her dog alerted her that something may be wrong that night, and that's when she saw the man banging on the door of her home. She called police before the man tried to enter a window she had left open. Thankfully, she was able to pepper spray the intruder before anything was able to happen. She said police showed up minutes later as he lay in agonizing pain.

    Almost every night, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department posts on social media to tell people they need to remember their #9PMRoutine.

    “Things like keep your lights on, change out your light bulbs, secure your vehicles," IMPD Sgt. Grace Sibley said. “We would recommend that they secure all outward entrance, would it be windows, doors, especially if they are asleep.”

    [We have a complete line of home protection and self defense tools at our webstore.]
  • Pepper spray best defense against vicious dog attack according to police

    Tahlequah Daily Press

    Warmer weather means area residents will be spending more time outdoors, and reports of dog bites seem to be increasing.

    According to the Oklahoma State Statute, Title 4, Chapter 3 Section 44, a "dangerous" dog is defined as one that is responsible for injury on a person without provocation, whether that is on public or private property. One documented report gets the animal labeled a "dangerous" dog, and after two or more documented incidents, it is considered a "vicious" dog.

    Stephen Tuttle took matters into his own hands, and said as far as he's concerned, it's open season for aggressive dogs. The law does allow the killing of a dog that is attacking livestock on private property.

    "Shot at two dogs yesterday that were after my neighbor's dog. Doubt if I killed either one, but I will not hesitate to shoot. Be a responsible pet owner," said Tuttle.

    While sheriff's office officials said people should protect themselves if they meet face-to-face with a vicious animal, they do not recommend using a lethal weapon such as a gun.

    "If you're running or walking down the road and you think you might get attacked by a dog, use pepper spray. I would advise against shooting a dog in that situation, because we've had people prosecuted for that before, and there's really no place that you're going to be walking or running that's going to be safe enough to be shooting," said Chennault.

    [Shop in our web-store for a complete line of non-lethal self defense tools.]

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