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  • Vicious Dogs Attacks Elderly Woman

    Vicious dog attacks can happen any time, any place, to any person. That's why it is important to have the mind-set and preparedness not to be a victim.

    Marge Scott is now recovering from the bite wounds she sustained after she was attacked by two dogs outside her home last week.

    The 83-year-old was mauled by two pit bulls in front of her home. According to FOX43, the dogs crept behind her.

    One of the canines then grabbed her leg and bit her at least five times.

    Another source said that dogs attempted to attack the Plymouth resident again despite biting her multiple times.

    Scott even fell on her doorstep as she tried to break free from the vicious jaws of the dog. Fortunately, a neighbor saw the brutal incident and helped the elderly woman.

    “She has several wounds some large, some puncture wounds. She also had stitches for some,” she said. Marge will be okay and has already started to take antibiotics “as rabies protocol.”

    “I’m just glad to be alive, I got scared when I saw the bleeding,” expressed the elder Scott.

    Scott, who also owns two dogs and a self-confessed “animal lover,” didn’t hold back when she agreed to whatever the authorities are planning to do to the animal and its owner.

    “If you have an animal that’s your responsibility to take care of it, so whatever the pet warden does I’ll agree with them 100 percent. Whatever they do to the owner that’s on them.”

    Why go thru life as a potential victim with little to no recourse to self defense? This elderly lady absolutely depended upon other people to get her out of a very bad, life-threatening dog attack. DON'T BE A WILLING VICTIM -- Purchase all your non-lethal self-defense supplies at our store. We have effective Mace dog sprays that will make a canine regret ever considering you a target.

  • 'Why is this happening?': Woman recalls terrifying dog attack

    This is what happens when people are unprepared to face the unexpected.

    PINEVILLE, N.C. - A woman is recounting a terrifying and vicious dog attack at a park in Pineville Monday.

    Abryana Heggins said she remembers all the thoughts that were rushing through her mind as a huge dog attacked her at a Pineville dog park.

    "I just kept thinking 'What's happening? Why is this happening? How am I gonna get this dog off of me,'" Heggins said.

    She said it all started when a very large dog started attacking a husky in the park.

    "At first, he grabbed the husky by the back of its neck and then, grabbed its tail and started shaking its head aggressively," Heggins said.

    She and her friend Jaylen rushed to get their dogs out of the park, but suddenly, she said she felt pressure on her arm.

    "I just ended up being dragged across the ground by the dog, and he started shaking and locked onto my arm and there's people yelling, and she's yelling and Jaylen is trying to rip the dog off my arm," Heggins said.

    Her friend jumped on top of the dog and fought it until Pineville police arrived.

    Why go thru life as a potential victim with little to no recourse to self defense? The best this young lady could hope for was to rush away, and when that did not prove effective, she absolutely depended upon other people to get her out of a very bad, life-threatening dog attack. DON'T BE A WILLING VICTIM -- Purchase all your non-lethal self-defense supplies at our store. We have effective Mace dog sprays that will make a canine regret ever considering you a target.

  • Two Minute Review of the 20" Automatic Expandable Steel Baton

  • Two Minute Review of the Safety Tech Lipstick Stun Gun

  • Two Minute Review of the Safety Tech Mini Bad Ass Flashlight/Stun Gun

  • Two Minute Review of the Mace Pepper Gun

  • Criminals back on the streets

    [Here is your answer as to why there is so much crime on the streets.]
    Last December, 51-year-old Farrell M. Ditschinger was charged with assault and attempted robbery after an attack on a 71-year-old woman working at Juneau Street Market.
    [He hit her more than 50 times with a pair of handcuffs he used as improvised brass knuckles. He also pulled a knife which, fortunately, broke during the attack. The victim was saved by a delivery driver who happened to pull up outside. He was caught nearby, arrested and charged.].
    In the months since, King County Superior Court records show, he has twice been found incompetent to stand trial and both times sent to Western State Hospital for competency-restoration attempts. Last month, a report indicated that a third try at restoring competency was not likely to render him able to participate in his defense, and a judge dismissed the charges. However, the same report recommended reviewing him for civil commitment, suggesting he otherwise was at risk of endangering himself and others.
    What happened from there, public records don’t show; the King County Jail Register shows him released from KCJ custody on September 10th, the date of the hearing.
    [You are your own First Responder. Protect yourself with one of our many non-lethal self-defense products that you can purchase discreetly and privately.]
  • Pepper Spray vs. Attacker

    DRAPER, Utah (ABC4 News) – Police in Draper are looking for a suspect after a woman reported she was attacked while jogging on a trail in Draper Thursday night.

    According to a press release issued by the Draper City Police Department, officers were dispatched to 1300 E Constitution Ave (12500 South) at 8:45 p.m. on a report of an aggravated sexual assault.

    A 26-year-old woman who was running on the Porter Rockwell Trail said she was grabbed from behind by an unknown suspect. The suspect attempted to remove the victims clothing, but she used pepper spray to defend herself.

    The suspect fled the area and the only description given of the suspect is a male wearing dark clothing. After an intensive search, officers were unable to locate the suspect but the investigation in ongoing.

    “While this is an isolated and rare event, it is still important to use caution while exercising on the trail system,” stated the press release. “We want to remind trail users to take the necessary safety precaution. Please be aware of your suroundings, exercise with others, carry a whistle, pepper spay or other similar device to draw attention or stop an attack, and immediately report any suspicious people or activity.”

    [You cannot depend upon others for your protection. Shop our webstore for a complete line of Wildfire Pepper Spray or Mace Pepper Spray. Either are amoung the best non-lethal defenses you can carry.]

  • The 2nd Amendment and well-regulated horses

    The 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution is short and sweet… and confusing only to those who are willing to completely ignore traditional English sentence structure.

    It reads:

    “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    From that, the pro-gun control folk get the concept that the government has total control over every manner of “arms” that exists. And that these arms only can function within the purview of a “well regulated militia.”

    Let’s take a closer look at that logic with a comparison to another militia necessity.

    The importance of a horse in the 1700-1800s to army personnel was extremely high. It was their transportation, it was their luggage carrier, and if necessary, they could even eat it during a siege. Therefore, it was paramount to know that all the militia could show up with their horse in hand when called upon. So… the Founding Fathers put a clause in the Constitution that read something such as this:

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and ride horses shall not be infringed”

    Now, based upon the interpretations of those who have difficulty understanding English, they would have us believe that only those who belong to the militia have the “right” to keep and ride a horse. No other people do. Not farmers. Not cowboys. Not horse racers. Not teamsters. Not stagecoach companies. Not little girls with their ponies. No one has the “right” to keep and ride a horse except someone who belongs to a “well regulated militia.”

    And furthermore, those who have the “right” to keep and ride a horse must abide by the government regulations as to the particular, allowable breed of horse, the number of legs the horse must have, how old it must be, how tall it can be, the color of its hair, how long the mane can be, whether or not it is male or female, how often you can breed it, and if it is gelded. Not to mention the total number of horses one can buy, keep and ride, who you can buy it from, or the sum total poundage of the herd. Or how fast it can be ridden and how many miles in one trip.

    If this seems exceptionally silly… that is because the basic argument of those who dismiss the 2nd Amendment as only applying to the militia is exceptionally silly. They really know that deep in their heart… which is why they generally just wave their hands and don’t try to actually defend their position.

  • Does Pepper Spray Work Against Wild Animals?

    SPOKANE, Wash. - Let's be honest. Most of us hope to see an animal while hiking so we have a good story to share with our friends when we return. As for anything more than that, well let's avoid that at all costs!

    While encounters are rare in the Inland Northwest, they can happen. Staci Lehman with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife said the best way to stop up close and personal encounters from happening is to be prepared. Lehman recommended hiking in groups, talking, singing or stomping on sticks and leaves extra hard to make your presence known!

    Officials recommend bringing bear spray and keeping it accessible. That means attached to your belt buckle where you can easily grab it should you need to use it. You might not have enough time to dig through your backpack if a bear is charging at you.

    Lehman said that spray can be more effective at times than a firearm because using it requires less steps and you don't need great aim. She said using bear spray takes a few steps: you must remove the safety tab at the top, hold the can with two hands (one on the can, the other on the trigger) and when the bear is within 10 yards of you, press the trigger with your thumb and spray the entire contents on the bears face. Know that bear spray can be effective while encountering other animals too, like a moose or cougar.

    [While we certainly hope that nothing like an animal attack ever happens to our readers, it is best to always be prepared. That's why we have the best two bear sprays available, Guard Alaska® Bear Spray and Mace® Bearspray. Either fit into our easily accessible nylon belt holster. We also have Mace® Canine Repellent for when you are out and about your local neighborhood. You can find these and much more at our web-store, where you can shop in complete confidence and privacy.]

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