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Automotive Safety

Thank you for looking around the Automotive Safety department of My High Tech Security Store. Scroll down for many good, solid products that can make the difference between a horrific experience and coming home safe from the road.

Aside from home or work inside their auto is where the average American spends the most amount of time. Your safety during this time is paramount. Problems can come from either outside the auto in the form of a personal attack against you, or internally if you are trapped inside during a wreck or other bad situation.

Protecting yourself against an external attack is largely a matter of leaning to scan and observe the area and circumstances. When you pull into a parking space at a store do you look around to see if there are any sketchy characters or thug-looking people nearby? If so, that parking spot is not for you. Before you leave the store do you scan the parking lot to see who is between you and your car? Are there people nearby that concern you? Perhaps you should delay your leaving until a better time. Keep your keys in hand and open the door without fumbling. Don’t get distracted when just in the car and allow someone to come up behind you while the door is open.

Our Pepper Spray, Stun Gun, and Mace departments have the protection you need if you are accosted while going to and from the car. Down below we have a very useful “car visor” pepper spray that allows you to always have your self-defense at hand.

We have a number of easily carried and used striking tools also. These pen-like tools are very persuasive when jabbed into sensitive areas of the body. They also actually do double duty as a regular pen for work or home. Several of them have a “window breaking” feature which allows you to break your car windows to escape from a trapped car if necessary.

Our “Best Buy” is the Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit which comes with a variety of tools to help you navigate through potential problems. Of special importance are several written guides to give you advice on how to handle a number of potential problem situations.

If you drive late at night or for long hours our Nap Alarm is a must. This is a life saver that can be put to immediate use the moment you receive it. It also makes a great gift for others who are on the road a lot. It is affordable enough that the whole family can be outfitted with there own personal Nap Alarm.

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