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Animal Repellents

Animals can be our best friends… or they can be our worst nightmares when they attack. These Animal Repellents FAQ will help you choose the right product down below when you need something to protect against those nightmares.

What is an Animal Repellent?

Normal animal repellents come in two styles. One is a pepper spray that causes irritation in the animals eyes and nasal passages, which causes them to run away. The other is an electronic counter-measure against animals that uses high pitched noises and flashing lights.

How does Bear or Canine Pepper Spray work?

Oleoresin capsicum is the active ingredient in pepper spray for both humans and animals. The ingredient comes from the chemical that makes hot peppers hot. When it is exposed around a face through spraying the chemical causes an immediate, painful swelling of the mucus tissue in the mouth, nose, and eyes. A direct hit on a face will quickly cause even the largest animal to forget about targeting a person and instead to focus on its own temporary pain and suffering.

Does Pepper Spray cause permanent injury to animals?

No, it is a temporary effect. It is designed to give you enough time for you to leave the area or seek other safety. You can use it without fear of harming the animal.

How does Pepper Spray get shot from a canister?

The pepper spray is under pressure in a container just as any aerosol such as hairspray is.  When the button is pushed or the trigger pulled the chemicals spray out in a mist or stream, depending upon the type of canister. A stream is more concentrated but a mist covers a larger area.

How far will Pepper Spray shoot?

A small Pepper Spray canister attached to a key chain or other similar device normally has a range no greater than 8 to 12 feet. A canister specifically designed for animals can reach as far as 30 feet.

What is an Electronic Dog Repeller?

Because dogs and other animals hear much higher tones than humans do it has been customary to train them with ultra-sonic whistles. The dog hears the tone and responds accordingly. When this high-frequency noise is boosted tremendously we humans still can’t hear it, but it becomes very painful to a dog and other animals. Their natural inclination is to seek shelter from the noise by running away. We do the same when we hear an overly-loud noise.

In addition, there is a flashing, extremely bright light that goes along with the noise. This confuses the animal and confused animals tend to become very cautious about proceeding in an attack.



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